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The Summit Advantage

必威手机峰会医疗集团是田纳西州东部最大的primary care organization with more than 375 providers at 82 practice locations in 15 counties. Summit also consists of four diagnostic centers, mobile diagnostic services, eight physical therapy centers, four express clinics, central laboratory, extensivist clinic, and sleep services center. Summit provides healthcare services to more than 475,000 patients, averaging over one million encounters annually.

The Summit Advantage

In addition to being the largest primary care group in East Tennessee, Summit Medical Group:

  • is physician-owned and physician-governed
  • has been nationally recognized for quality performance
  • provides competitive annual salaries with bonus potential
  • affords clinicians an enhanced work-life balance through extensive administrative support and resources

Summit Medical Group is actively seeking independent physician and advanced practitioner organizations interested in realizing the Summit Advantage within their own practice through joining our provider network. Our network is growing beyond East Tennessee, and we need quality, community-minded clinicians to be a part of our patient-centered success.

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What makes Us Different?

Becoming part of Summit Medical Group's provider network isnotthe same as joining a large health system. While partners benefit from access to a wealth of shared resources and creative innovation often found in larger healthcare organizations, Summit is physician owned and operated - meaning each partner retains independence and autonomy in the way in which they practice medicine.

At Summit, providing quality, affordable care to our patients is the primary motivation behind everything we do. Our Value-Based Care initiatives continue to result in major improvements in overall patient care and experience — while significantly increasing reimbursements for our providers that drive these health outcomes.

Taking Care of Our Most Precious Resource

It is no secret that clinician morale is directly related to patient outcomes. In other words, higher clinician job satisfaction translates to better patient outcomes. Likewise, providers who are overwhelmed and experiencing burnout often end up with less than ideal patient outcomes. Summit seeks to provide our cliniciansa better work-life balance through an enhanced support structure that includes after-hours nurse triage services and dedicated patient care coordinators. While many physician-owners spend their nights and weekends on countless administrative tasks, our providers have the support they need to truly enjoy time away from the office. Thispositive work-life balance can be a great recruitment and retention tool for physicians seeking to grow their practice.

Why Physicians Choose Summit

Mark Johnson, M.D., shares the struggles he was experiencing as a solo provider — and the benefits available to his practice and personal life — that ultimately led him to join Summit Medical Group more than 13 years ago.

"I was approached by two physicians in the group who knew that I was struggling to make ends meet while running my own solo practice. They suggested I talk to Summit's CEO about joining the group.加入峰会医疗集团必威手机是最好的决定I have made in my professional career. I am able to work about 40 hours per week and maintain a very comfortable living without having to worry about all the business decisions or try to navigate the changing landscape and direction of Medicine alone. There is no way that I would have been able to implement electronic medical records or reach the level of Patient Centered Medical Home I have without the support of the group. I am surrounded by people who are experts in medicine, business, and information systems who all are working toward the common goal of excellence in medicine and stability and growth in business."

Mark Johnson, M.D., Family Medicine(Summit provider since 2007)

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